Antonio Moschella Offers Advice on Going to College for the First Time


The first time you go off to college, it can be exciting, but it can also be quite overwhelming. Antonio Moschella understands this all too well. As a junior at New York University, he was once in that exact position. Although his family came from Venezuela, Antonio Moschella had lived in Maryland for most of his life. Moving to the Big City was quite the change for him, but he had a good roommate and cousin who lived in New York, so this helped with the transition. Today, he loves it at NYU. If you are worried about going away to college, here are a few tips from Antonio Moschella to help you out:


Go to Orientation: Although you might think that it’s not important, orientation is a great way to meet new friends and get to know the lay of the land better. Orientation will help you find where everything it is, and it often includes exercises designed to introduce you to your fellow classmates.


Make an Appointment with Your Counselor: In addition to orientation, you should schedule an appointment with your academic advisor as soon as possible. You can go over your plans, and he or she can provide you with advice on which classes to take so you stay on track.


Practice Healthy Habits: You are away from home now, but that doesn’t mean you should just do anything you want. Eat nutritious meals, get a good night’s sleep, and avoid drugs and alcohol so you can be your best yourself in the classroom.


Remember Why You’re There: Make academics a priority. Although the social aspect of college is important, your number one goal should be to get your degree and move on to the workforce.

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